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Please use this form to purchase and renew small, corporate-size CommuniGate Pro Licenses. If you are interested in a larger License, please E-mail your request to sales@communigate.com or request a call from our Sales Team.

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CommuniGate Pro Unified License
  users Initial license xxx
Renew a months old xxx
Anti-Virus Plugins (annual subscription)
  Kaspersky Virus Scanner for x users xxx
  Sophos Virus Scanner for x users xxx
  McAfee Virus Scanner E-mails/hour xxx
Anti-Spam Plugins (annual subscription)
  Cloudmark Spam Filter for x users xxx
  MailShell SpamCatcher E-mails/hour xxx
Support Package
  Emergency Support: remote sessions within 4 hours (24x7), 5 incidents per year xxx
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Bill me [fax a signed Purchase Order to +1(415)383-7461]
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