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12 февраля 2018
CommuniGate Systems провела обучение партнеров в мультимедийном пресс-центре «Россия Сегодня»

25 января 2018
Компания CommuniGate Systems объявила о релизе решения CommuniGate Pro ver. 6.2

20 января 2018
Администрация Владимирской области подключила пресс-службу к CommuniGate Pro

25 апреля 2017
Компания CommuniGate Systems принимает участие в крупнейшей в Центральной и Восточной Европе выставке информационных технологий "Связь Экспокомм"

31 марта 2017
Вышла новая версия 6.2c2

31 марта 2017
Вышла новая версия 6.1.16

24-27 Октября 2016
CommuniGate Systems Training

5 сентября 2016
CommuniGate Pro добавлен в реестр российского ПО.

10-13 мая 2016
Компания CommuniGate Systems принимала участие в крупнейшей в Центральной и Восточной Европе выставке информационных технологий "Связь Экспокомм".

25-28 февраля 2016
Компания CommuniGate Systems отпраздновала свое 25-летие на лазурном берегу Франции в Ницце.

7 сентября 2015
Рубим гордиев узел деловых коммуникаций.

16 апреля 2015
Потсдамский университет перешел на систему объединенных коммуникаций CommuniGate Pro. Общее число пользователей решения – 30 тыс. человек.

7 апреля 2015
Digital Design завершила первый этап проекта внедрения системы объединенных коммуникаций для РЖД.

17 Jun 2013
IP Centex (Hosted IP PBX) is here today for hosting providers using Virtualization environments

19 Mar 2013
Infographic Shows Increasing Demand for Powerful Web and Mobile Collaboration Technology for an Ever Increasingly Mobile Workforce

18 Mar 2013
CommuniGate Systems and GuruCube agree Worldwide Strategic Partnership

20 Jan 2013
CommuniGate Systems resets the playing field and raises the bar with its launch of secure Unified Messaging for Virtualization environments

10 Jan 2013
The new 6th generation CommuniGate Pro is here for the New Year! Delivering Security and Encryption Features, Performance and scaling enhancements, plus a blazing fast HTML 5 client

26 Nov 2012
Hosting Security Celebrity To Deliver Keynote at the Hosting Provider Forum in Vienna.

12 Nov 2012
VPS Hosting Providers Learn How to Deliver a New Class of Business Grade Services – Hosting Provider Forum, Vienna.

1 Oct 2012
1toGo Mobile extends its range of Cloud unified communications services using cPanel.

24 Sept 2012
Nigeria's OutsourceIT launches Cloud based communications service - omniCLOUD.

17 Sept 2012
Tips Hosting launches Cloud communications and collaboration service for business users using cPanel.

10 Sept 2012
Bulgaria's ICN.BG launches State Of The Art communications services for all customers.

4 Sept 2012
CommuniGate Systems goes open-source with a cPanel adaptor kit to spread adoption of Unified Communications in virtualized environments.

3 July 2012
Moldcell selects CommuniGate Systems Pronto! to deliver innovative Cloud communications service.

17 April 2012
Unidata Spa work with chose CommuniGate Pro to improve performance and reliability of the email solutions for their small business and residential customers.

6 December 2011
NEA Antarctica project win, CommuniGate Systems now delivers communication solutions to every continent in the world.

11 October 2011
1toGo announces its Cloud Based Communications and Collaboration Service
Johannesburg, South Africa– 1toGo has unveiled its Cloud-based communications and collaboration services.
1toGo provides service providers including telcos, MVNOs, ISPs and OTT operators a 'quick time to value' opportunity to generate VAS revenue from their assets by offering their clients a unique experience and value proposition.

7 June 2011
Announcing the successful conclusion of CommuniGate Systems' executive summit in Berlin and a call for papers for the Fall 2011 Executive Summit

20 April 2011
Top industry executives to attend CommuniGate Systems' summit in Berlin.

15 March 2011
CommuniGate Systems announces renewed partnership with Slovakia's Zoznam to deliver branded messaging solutions to their 1.6 million portal users.

10 February 2011
CommuniGate Systems launches Pronto! Mobile offering telecom operators powerful own brand high definition (HD) communication Apps for mobile devices.

08 February 2011
The CommuniGate Systems February 2011 newsletter is packed full of exciting content, including news, videos, case studies, awards and events that we are sure you will find interesting. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

08 February 2011
CommuniGate Systems announces new partnership with Nologin to deliver Unified Communications to the Spanish-speaking telecom markets.

03 February 2011
CommuniGate Systems launches Pronto! generation 4 offering telecom operators a powerful white label communication application for desktop and web devices.

27 January 2011
CommuniGate Systems Power GO Telecom's (Ethihad Atheeb) Digital Voice Service GO Terhal for the Worldwide Saudi Community.

25 January 2011
CommuniGate Systems launches CommuniGate Pro version 5.4. The next generation server offers massively improved performance and groupware compatibility. Operators can now easily convert email-only users into revenue generating subscribers by offering value added features.

4 January 2011
CommuniGate Systems has been nominated for the Telecom Council's coveted Graham Bell Best Communication Solution SPIFFY Award. Judged by 20 global carriers, this award "recognizes the company that advanced the noble cause of improving telecommunications."

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